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Chrissie Parker




Elena Petrakis adores living on the Greek island of Zakynthos.  When World War Two looms her way of life is threatened.  Left with no choice she joins the island's resistance to fight for what she believes in; her family, her home, and her freedom. 

Decades later, thousands of miles away in the Cornish town of Newquay, Kate Fisher prepares to celebrate her twenty-first birthday, but her joy is fleeting when she learns she is adopted.  Abandoning life in England, Kate flees to Zakynthos, where she is forced to acknowledge a life she has struggled to come to terms with, one that will change her future.

From the beautiful crystal turquoise seas of the Ionian Islands to the rugged shores of the Cornish coast, 'Among the Olive Groves' is a story of love, bravery and sacrifice.

"Any reader who loves a beautiful work of fiction, historical or not, a story with strong and interesting female characters, or just a wonderful story of finding oneself will want to read Among the Olive Groves." Readers Favorite Review 


Suffering with grief after the tragic death of her family, Cora Thomas flees to Egypt desperate to escape the overwhelming loss. In Luxor, she meets gruff and unkempt Egyptologist Nick Foster who wants little to do with her, and Sam Anderson, his employee, who instantly becomes a much sought after friend.

As she settles into life along the Nile, discovering the Country’s vast history and culture, Cora learns about the contents of an old diary discovered in her parent’s home. As the diary’s story unfolds it reveals hardship, love, tragedy and a family feud spanning generations that threatens her very existence.
From the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands to the ruinous sands of the Egyptian desert, Wind across the Nile is a story of unbreakable family bonds, adversity and self-preservation.


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